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Welcome to ACKON International Inc.
The „ACKON – Real Estate Franchise System“ the management solution for the profit oriented, successful Real Estate Office.


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ACKON is unlike any other real estate company – we simply do things different. The ACKON management system is an internationally aligned
success system and offers great opportunities for a profitable real estate business career.
ACKON partners use the innovative Tools and the modern organization concepts of the success system, in order to realize their own advantage
and to the advantage of their independent real estate agents for more and better business
opportunities and to reach a competitive advantage at the local and regional level.
The business of ACKON is Real Estate including the selling of ACKON new homes. The financial service and insurance service that are offered in Europe are supplements to the main business
and are likewise a component of the franchise. Further new services are being added to increase
the business possibilities of our members in Europe.
ACKON is expanding in Europe and is now active in Germany.
More countries in Europe are ready to join the ACKON network.