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The ACKON Academy
Centre for all training and support


Centre for the quick start and advanced training of t he ACKON Franchisee and their independent Sales personal (licensees). The ACKON career plan ensures that you have the best possible start in your journey to success.

ACKON takes the permanent schooling and further training of its partners as its most important goal.

  • ACKON wants to ensure that our members have the best possible start in their journey to success and has a long-standing commitment to continuing education. Workshops and seminars on every real estate related topic are being offered.
  • ACKON provides the intensive training for new partners in the real estate business.
  • ACKON provides special training courses for the selling of investments, insurance and ACKON new homes.
  • ACKON career plan offers interested ladies and gentlemen a new career in real estate as independent real estate agent with a local ACKON Franchise partner