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The Franchise concept of ACKON Real Estate

  • ACKON Partners are franchise partner and owners of real estate offices and enjoy office location protection.
  • ACKON Partners provide customer oriented Real estate offices and employ "independent real estate agents" on a commission basis.
  • ACKON Partners share the innovative Tools and advantages of the ACKON system with the "independent real estate agents".
  • ACKON Partners use the ACKON academy for themselves and their independent real estate agents for the best possible start in their journey to success.

What is an ACKON Franchise Partnership?

A typical ACKON partner manages a single office with 5-10 independent Real estate Agents with office location protection. The regions are definite by allocation of postal code zones or by urban district, city or district.

ACKON partners use the innovative Tools and the modern concepts of the ACKON system, in order to realize their own advantage and to the advantage of their independent real estate agents for more and better business opportunities and to reach a competitive advantage at the local and regional level.
In particular they use the advantages of the ACKON system such as:

  • ACKON Network of other ACKON Partner, for regional and local business,
  • Internet presentation with all of the ACKON partner homepages ,
  • Real estate listing data base, regional and local listings provide a great choice of available listings,
  • Real estate listings catalogue do it yourself Taylor made at your own the PC, always up-to-date,
  • ACKON Academy, continues training, schooling and coaching.
  • Marketing program, to generate leads for buying and selling Real Estate plus recruiting of new Real Estate Agents and other business contacts,
ACKON gives comprehensive support to its partners through the System Manager and ACKON Academy, Regional Manager, Data base Administrator etc.

ACKON supports its partners in recruiting independent real estate agents over the "career plan". The independent real estate agents receive free training, through the ACKON Academy.