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The ACKON Real Estate Office

The ACKON philosophy is to take care of your customer needs.

The ACKON Franchisee employs independent Sales personal (licensees) on basis of commission splitting.

The ACKON Franchisee provides his independent Sales personal with schooling, buying and selling customers obtained through the ACKON marketing system, all the ACKON advantages and Tools and a workplace in his Real Estate Office and all this without additional costs to the independent Sales personal.

For both sides an attractive and balanced system - the classical "Win - Win system".

The ACKON Franchisee provides a bright, customer friendly Real Estate office and highly qualified colleagues to his independent Sales personal. Through constant communication and usage of the Online ACKON Listing System which is connected to all other ACKON Real Estate offices in the area and internationally they participate in more Real Estate transactions and become very quickly a successful Real Estate representative.