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ACKON partnership as Franchise Partner

  1. You are a real estate professional and are interested in a very unique Real Estate franchise system and you want,
    • a successful and profitable real estate career,
    • additional business from financial and insurance contacts,
    • to utilise ACKON's high Corporate Identity to increase your own business,
    • advanced technology, training and support,
    • Community marketing….Proven and effective! It works! Thousands of leads generated through a proven Real Estate Marketing System
    • You want to utilise your own capacities better and stay independent.
  2. You want to use the "ACKON Career program", in order to obtain independent real estate agents for your own office network.
  3. You also want to do business with brokers and agents from Canada and in the future 1000 partner in Germany and partner 5,000 European-wide network.
       The ACKON franchise service system is particularly suitable to the following groups:
  1. For owners of existing real estate offices with the desire to expand and use the advantages of ACKON to become more successful.
  2. For agents or brokers from existing real estates -, financial service and insurance companies.
  3. For employees active in the industry, which would like to benefit as an independent real estate entrepreneurs and to use own specialised knowledge for personal gain and business success?
  4. Entrepreneurs with business courage, personal flexibility and an appropriate starting capital. We can help during the Business start up
    • to build own business activity gradually,
    • to become active as office owners and employ only 1-2 independent real estate agents and later expand to a larger number,
    • to employ at the beginning, independent real estate agents in their own decentralised office ( work from home concept ),